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Balance Ice Cubes Toy

Try your luck with the Balance Ice Cubes Toy! Spin the wheel, feel the intensity, and get engaged!

See who can get the final victory! Each player takes a turn to roll the spinner and take down one block off as per the color shown on the spinner. The one who makes the Penguin fall off the block loses the game. Host a game night and challenge your friends and family!

Assembling the ice cubes into the platform may take a little of your valuable time but when you begin to play with the Balance Ice Cubes Toy and enjoy the game you will find that all the effort is worthy.

Parent-child Interaction - A simple and fun game that can enhance the parent-children interaction and create a fun family atmosphere

Explore And Enhance Children’s Ability - Balance Ice Cubes Toy does not only practice children’s responsiveness but also exercises their brains’ development and increases your child hand-eye coordination.

Encourage Playtime - Keep your kid away from the digital landscape! Let them enjoy being a kid and never let them regret they didn't have much fun in their childhood.

Portable - With the mini size of the Balance Ice Cubes Toy you and your kids can enjoying play anywhere!