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Automatic Needle Threader


You will never have to struggle to thread a needle ever again with our Automatic Needle Threader. A day saver tool that makes threading done with ease!

Threading needles have never been simpler! With the Automatic Needle Threader, you can thread your needles in a matter of seconds. No more messing around that pesky hole.

Automatic Needle Threader helps solve the frustrating needle threading problem. Suitable for those individuals with poor eyesight, unsteady hands, or who live in a house with poor lighting.

Time-saver - Automatic Needle Threader saves you time from doing trial and error threading. Get that needle threaded in seconds!

Lightweight - The material makes it feel like it’s as light as your needle. Automatic Needle Threader can be kept in your pocket just in case you'll need a quick repair.

Easy To Use - Simply put your needle in the top and press the lever on the side to expose the hook. Wrap your string around the hook and release the lever to automatically thread your needle!

Highly Practical -Β  The Automatic Needle Threader is used to solve the frustrating needle threading problem. It even comes with a ring so you can carry it around with your keys or your bag showing its colorful style.