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Automatic Bottle Opener

Silver Steel
Black Steel
Plastic Blue
Rose Gold Steel
Gold Steel
Colorful Steel

Change the way you open bottles forever with this Automatic Bottle Opener! This opens your bottles with just one easy push and pull! Open hundreds of bottles within minutes!

Just push down and open a bottle instantly.  An ingenious invention that will be the talk of the party! Perfect for people with mobility disorders. Way better than wall mounted bottle openers!

Be fascinated with its magnetic feature, causing it to magically pull the bottle cap as you pull it. You can also make a collection of your own expensive bottle cap for this bottle opener will not bend and damage it.

The Ultimate Bottle Opener has an elegant and modern look that can be perfect for every home and bars out there. Compact size and very convenient to carry!

Hirundo Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener – suneverydayuk

Made To Last - Made of durable rust-proof stainless steel and designed with a magnetic feature that holds the cap in place!

Dual Functionality - Open bottles instantly and great beer bottle cap catcher with a magnet! Will not bend caps once off which makes it great for Cap Collectors.

No More Wrist-twist - The easy-action, no wrist-twist design of Automatic Bottle Opener is so simple you’ll never struggle to open a bottle ever again.

Professional-grade Mechanism - Automatic Bottle Opener is built with a professional-grade, stainless steel mechanism inside. It’s reliable and will work whenever you need to pop off a bottle cap!

Portable Magnetic Automatic Bottle Opener - Mexten Product