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Attachable Computer Table Arm Rest


You may never realize how much tension you are holding in your shoulder when you use a computer keyboard or mouse. It's time to feel different and keep your upper body relaxed with our Attachable Computer Table Arm Rest!

Rest your arms comfortably on the Attachable Computer Table Arm Rest, which is ergonomically designed to extend the desk support for you. This will help you reduce pressure on the wrist, minimize latent strain on your arm, neck, and shoulder, and also decrease your fatigue. Play and work comfortably for hours!

Extensively tested for strength, this armrest can withstand massive weight and impact. Don't worry if you are a leftie, it will still work for you! Everything for a more comfortable and convenient life!

Improves Circulation - Allows even distribution of weight for the hand and forearm improving circulation.

Premium Quality - Made of a safe and high-quality plastic with padded memory foam tightly attached to the surface.

Rotatable - 180-degrees rotation to whatever position is most comfortable for you. Computer Table Arm Rest easily folds up and out of the way when not in use.

Easy To Install - Attaches to any desk up to 6cm thick. Computer Table Arm Rest is perfect for round or curved tables which do not have enough space for arm support.