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Anti-Rust Handheld Sandblaster

This Sandblaster will help you abrade unwanted surface materials like rust, paint, oil, and other hard-to-remove spots with great ease!

A sandblaster is portable, convenient, and extremely easy to operate! Whether you need to clean a rusty surface, or simply have to smooth out some portions of metal, this tool will get the job done like no other.

Besides, this Sandblaster features innovative gravity feed design. It forces the particles into a hardened steel mixing chamber providing for a steady and consistent flow of material to pass through a ceramic nozzle.

Furthermore, Sandblaster has an ergonomic design. The handheld frame grip is lightweight and portable, making it versatile for both heavy-duty work and home appliance maintenance.

APPLICATION ARE ENDLESS -  Soda blaster, walnut blaster, sandblaster, bead blaster, media blaster, & spot blaster are just to name a few functions that this Sandblaster provides. DIY, auto restoration, furniture refinishing, you name it, you can blast it!

PORTABLE, EASY TO CARRY - The Sandblaster is a step above your mini-sandblaster but still very much portable and user-friendly. Works great in sandblasting cabinets for all your small projects.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Lightweight and smooth, easy to press, easy to operate, more convenient and efficient. Great for small to medium size parts.

ADJUSTABLE -  Flow adjustment switch can adjust the flow of sandblasting, adjustable material valve gives you precise control. All aluminum body is light, small size, and easy to carry, easy to operate!