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Anti-Odor Drain Hair Catcher Stopper (2Pcs)


Insects, bad odor, and water leakage from your toilet pipes and sink can be irritating and pose a great danger to your health. Anti-Odor Drain Hair Catcher Stopper comes especially to solve that problem and keep your toilet and sink fresher than never before!

Acts as a deodorant, insect prevention, backwater prevention, and stagnant water prevention. You can use this Anti-Odor Drain Hair Catcher Stopper to drain the floor of the shower room and toilet and effectively block backflow, odor, bugs, and other insects in the sewer.

The Anti-Odor Drain Hair Catcher Stopper mainly utilizes the principle of water seal by effectively isolating the odor and germs in the sewer pipe from the indoor deodorizing effect while deodorizing and draining at the same time. Practical and flexible, making it perfect for your family kitchen and bathroom!

Easy To Install - The Anti-Odor Floor Drain conveniently fits all kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and laundry drains. Simply install it on the drain without having to remove or customize anything.

Stylish and Unique Design - No one would ever think that this Anti-Odor Floor Drain is not fixed on your drain. It complements every decor looking like it was there the whole time.

Wide Application - Ideal for a variety of floor drains in toilets, washing machines, and drain tanks.

High-quality - Made of high-quality silicone material which is resistant to abrasion and durable to use. It has anti-aging properties for longer service life and easily fits a variety of drain pipes.