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Anti-Glare Night Vision Shades

Color Name
Tea color

Be fashionably safe when driving at night with this amazing multi-purpose eye-wear!

Protect your eyes from the glare of oncoming headlights and reduce eye strain with these Anti-Glare Night Vision Shades. Enhance your vision at night with these wraparound glasses that act as night vision goggles with yellow lenses that reduce glare resulting in a better vision at night.

These Anti-Glare Night Vision Shades are perfect for those who drive at night and easily distracted by traffic lights and bright headlights. Anti-Glare Night Vision Glasses allows you to continue wearing your prescription glasses so you don’t have to compromise one enhancement in your eyesight for the other. You get the best of both worlds.

WRAP AROUND GLASSES - These unique fit Anti-Glare Night Vision Glasses can be worn over your prescription glasses, allowing you to see clearly at night, and reducing glare from lights.

NIGHT-VISION LENSES - Seeing in the dark or nighttime is easier with these shades that act as night vision goggles. The tinted yellow lenses reduce glare. They're AR coated inside and out.

POLARIZED LENSES - These Anti-Glare Night Vision Glasses have polarized lenses for glare reduction and increased clarity, which is perfect for sunny days or driving at night when bright lights can be distracting.

DURABLE DESIGN - These sleek & stylish glasses feature durable materials that are resilient, travel well & can withstand impact from sports, high impact outdoor activities, and more!