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Anti-Choke Pet Feeding Bowl


Does your pet experience tummy ache and vomiting due to fast eating? Doesn’t know how to control it? Worry no more as the Anti-Choke Pet Feeding Bowl is here!

Anti-Choke Pet Feeding Bowl is an innovative food bowl that helps prevent indigestion and stomach discomfort with its specially designed section maze-like bowl feature. 

Eating too quickly and eating too much are both real factors of poor digestion in dogs. Even will cause choking and bloating and canine obesity. But the Anti-Choke Pet Feeding Bowl will slow down puppies eating speed and make them healthier and happier.

Keep Your Dog Healthy - Pet Anti-choke Feeding Bowl can help prevent obesity and cardiovascular problems and gastrointestinal diseases.

Premium Quality - Made of high-quality food-safe pp material making it safe and non-toxic especially for puppies.

Secured - It has a non-slip base for a secured feeding and prevents spilling. Pet Anti-choke Feeding Bowl is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Smooth Surface - Easy to use and clean. Makes pet food go no further, the dog will feel full on a smaller amount of food, and it is top-rack dishwasher safe.