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Renewable USB Phone Charging Cable


This Renewable USB Cable will surely be the last cable you'll ever buy! The most revolutionary solution to those annoying moments when a cable gets damaged!

Bend or even cut the Renewable USB Cable but it would still work! This innovative charging cable which has been tried and tested offers high-quality TPE material which provides flexibility yet sturdiness equipped with a detachable USB pin.

Also, you will experience a much faster charging experience than you had with your previous charging cables due to its four-core copper wires technology which is completely safe! No need to worry about if you have cut off too much as this cable is long.

Money Saver - Using this Renewable USB Cable is so easy and saves a ton of cash on charging cables which will eventually stop working.

Stylish - With its pretty colors and noodle wire design, this Renewable USB Cable will certainly rock with the trend.

Easy To Use - If any part of the cable becomes tired, worn, or has stopped working, all you need to do is cut the bad part of the cable and attach the USB pin to the working cable and voila! it will charge your phone again!

Safe - Made of pure copper core, it is safe and stable making sure it would have your phone, power source, and you!