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Adjustable Screen Top Shelf

If you want to add a shelf but drilling into the wall is not an option, the Screen Top Shelf is what you need! Make use of the wasted and often ignored space at the top of your computer or TV screen with this genius storage hack.

Organize your remote controls or gaming consoles in an easy-to-reach area neatly or add some decor to your home with some plants or candles! Install it on the top of your TV screen without tools in just a few seconds! 

To prevent slippage, Screen Top Shelf has dot convex design on the surface to increase friction. It has adjustable shelf legs that can fit all types of LCD television and desktops. It will only take you seconds to mount this on your screen.

Sturdy And Durable - Screen Top Shelf can carry up to 7 pounds of your stuff. It’s made from durable material that doesn’t chip or peel. It’s also resistant to a high temperature so it won’t easily deform from the heat coming from your screen.

Universal- Fit all computer monitors and TVs by freely adjusting shelf legs. The two movable stands are perfectly compatible with all types of screens on the market.

Easy To Install - No need to drill holes in walls and avoid the hassle of exposed wires, this Screen Top Shelf can be easily clamped on top of a flat-screen!

Superior Material - Made of ABS environmental protection material, this Screen Top Shelf can provide a long service life.