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Adjustable Fridge Organizer Drawer

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Your fridge can store more than you thought it could! Create and maximize shelf space with the smart design of the Adjustable Fridge Organizer Drawer! 

Experience hassle-free and convenience storage as this Fridge Organizer allows you to store food well-ordered and reachable in your fridge! Fridge Organizer is an adjustable and detachable drawer that is specially made to help you organize your fridge. It instantly adds extra space on your fridge that you can store extra food or items to prevent the messy look when you open the ref.

Fridge Organizer can be expanded to a wider basket for bigger storage. It has clip strips that securely hang in the ref’s shelves for easy installation and can fit most standard size ref shelves. It can also be used in other parts of the home such as cabinet shelf, cupboard shelf, table, and more. it is super easy to install, no tools needed.

Premium Quality - It is made of high-quality plastic material making Fridge Organizer safe, non-toxic, and durable to use. it has large vents that allow air to circulate to prevent bacterial growth.

Unique Design - The Fridge Organizer effectively utilizes the upper gap of the refrigerator, increasing storage space to accommodate more food.

Retractable  - To accommodate more food. Fridge Organizer can make full use of the wasted space in the refrigerator, freezer, or kitchen cabinets.

One-piece Handle - Fridge Organizer's versatile pull makes it even more convenient. It can help you partition different types of food or other objects. The transparent, perforated design helps you easily distinguish the location of your content and get it quickly.