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Adjustable 6-Hooks Rack


Let's all practice being well organized and start doing so by grabbing one of these Adjustable 6-Hooks Racks! Keep your space coordinated for a better life!

One of the problems on other hook racks is the space between the hooks, it may not always be how you need it to be. With this Adjustable Hook Rack, you can adjust the distance between any of your hooks to make it more user friendly for you and your demands. 

Easily slide the hooks back and forth and set them according to your necessity. No more worries when you hanging stuff with different sizes! This Adjustable Hook Rack will make it nice and systematic for you!

Strong Suction Cups - No need to drill walls! You don't even have to be a pro when installing this Adjustable Hook Rack. Even though it has strong suction cups, it will not leave any mark on your precious walls.

Versatile - Place it in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, closet, and everywhere else! Adjustable Hook Rack also has cute colors that may complement any house's interior.

Easy Installation And Removal - Just a push or pull on the lever handle for lock or loose, Adjustable Hook Rack is removable and reusable so you can place it on other rooms or space without any hassle.

Convenient - With 6 hooks you can easily modify, Adjustable Hook Rack is a must-have in every home. It is washable and reusable saving you time, space, and money!