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Adhesive Laptop Back Pocket

Carry small personal items with your laptop or tablet, handsfree with the Adhesive Laptop Back Pocket! Adds a tiny bit of extra functionality to your state-of-the-art laptop!

An expandable pocket with a reusable adhesive back that allows users to stick to any sealed and flat surface to conveniently carry loose items. A mouse, a stylus, a pair of AirPods, anything you may need to carry around separately.

The Adhesive Laptop Back Storage Bag helps bring convenience to your life if you’re the laptop-using kind. It gives your items a dedicated space, turns an empty patch of the estate on your laptop’s lid into a useful pocket, and even allows you to have all your items attached to your work-machine all the time, even on the go!

Adhesive Laptop Back Storage Bag – woowlish

Laptop Storage Adhesive Pocket – nevaehdaisy

Vast Use - Conveniently sticks to any flat, dust lint, and seamless surface. Metal, plastic, glass, laminated wood, electronics, computers, tablets, furniture, etc. Not only for your laptop, but it can also be used in many different ways.

Reusable - Adhesive Laptop Back Storage Bag won't damage the surface you stick it to. The back surface can be washed to remove any debris to restore its original strength.

Self Adhesive - It has adhesiveness at the back which you can conveniently apply and remove without damaging both the Adhesive Laptop Back Storage Bag and your device.

Portable - Light and easy to carry, Adhesive Laptop Back Storage Bag will not add much weight to your laptop or tablet.