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6pcs Instant Zipper Fixer

The ultra-fast and easiest way to deal with a broken zipper is finally here! This Instant Zipper Fixer glides smoothly over broken or missing zipper teeth, making your stuff work like new again! 

Save time and money with ingenious replacement zippers! You'll love the ability to fix your own clothes with ease, and without a costly trip to the tailor. Instant Zipper will quickly replace your broken zipper slider without replacing the actual entire zipper.

It supports sustainability in that it encourages reuse products and is, itself, reusable. Opens then closes onto any existing zipper tracks, Instant Zipper is so easy to use you can do it yourself! No sewing, tools, or complicated instructions to follow. Just clip and zip!

Universal - Instant Zipper fits on jeans, skirts, golf duffle bags, sleeping bags, purses, jackets, suitcases, tents, etc. Can be started in the middle of a zipper, zips forward, and backward.

Easy To Use - Allows you to easily fix any zipper problems on your own, install without tools or sewing needed. Simply clip it onto the broken zipper track and voila! You will then have your zipper good as new.

Do It Yourself - No sewing required either! Heavy-duty construction allows the Instant Zipper to last a long time without wear.

Quick Repair - Works on most common zipper mishaps including split zipper tracks, broken sliders, and up to 3 missing teeth.

Instant Zipper Fixer (Pack of 6pcs)

Instant Zipper Fixer (Pack of 6pcs)

Instant Zipper Fixer (Pack of 6pcs)Instant Zipper Fixer (Pack of 6pcs)