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4pcs Rubber Non-Slip Washing Machine Shock Pads


Do your appliances usually walk or slip due to vibration and make so much noise when used? 4pcs Rubber Non-Slip Washing Machine Shock Pads reduce the squeaky tendencies of non-stable appliances!

Providing stabilizing support for large appliances including washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, and even chairs. Anti-vibration Rubber Feet Pads reduce vibrations, noise, and slipping for smooth, quiet operation.

These have been designed with premium heavy-duty rubber to fit all models of washers and dryers on the market. Anti-vibration Rubber Feet Pads is the key to keeping your washer and dryer anchored to your floor without using adhesive.

Anti-slip - Anti-vibration Rubber Feet Pads reduce the noise caused by a non-stable washer or dryer. Doing laundry will become a quiet and pleasant task. No more noise from your machines.

Great Quality - Made of quality rubber that has very good vibration absorbing abilities. Non-marking, Anti-vibration Rubber Feet Pads eliminate scuffs, scratches, and scrapes, effectively protecting any floor surface, including hardwood, laminate, and tile floors.

Easy To Install- No tools or messy adhesives are required. Simply lift each corner of the machine and slide the noise absorbing pads into place.

Floor Gripping Design - The Anti-vibration Rubber Feet Pads stay put on your floor thanks to the unique micro-grip pattern molded on the underside of each pad.