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4Pcs Motion-Activated LED Wheel Lights


Drive with safety and style!

It is undeniably that increased visibility is critical to the safety of every motorist & riders when driving at night. Improve your road safety by adding a visual appeal to your bike or vehicles, then look no further than this Waterproof LED Wheel Lights!

It has the right amount of brightness to effectively prevent driving hazards by allowing other riders to see you from all angles. This light also features a simple installation & a high-level waterproof design so you can use it whatever the weather condition is. Its cool bright light makes it an excellent choice for night riding.

Safety at Its FinestProvides increased visibility & enhanced safety by allowing you to be seen from all angles.

Practical - This light is equipped with a LED bulb that is proven to be energy efficient & safe to use because it doesn't generate any heat at all.

Perfect For All Weather Condition -  Features super bright light & waterproof tubing which makes it suitable to use even in extreme weather conditions.

Simple and Easy Installation - Offers easy, tool-less installation without the need for professional assistance.

Convenient with Wide Compatibility - The motion-activated sensor automatically turns on the light when moving, and turns off once you stop. This light fits more bikes than any other model.