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3Pcs Self-watering Bird Globes

Never worry about leaving your plants unattended again! Whether you're away on vacation or just always forget to water your plants, these Self-watering Bird Globes will make your life so much easier!

These adorable Self-watering Bird Globes know exactly how much water your plants need and are a great addition to every garden. They are made of transparent, hand-blown glass.

With clear body design, you can see how much water is left in the Self-watering Bird Globes which helps remind you to add water in time. It is also an attractive decoration with a lovely bird shape. It does its job and looks super cute at it too!

Plant Glass Self Watering Globes - Skytrendy

Useful - Grow healthier plants by preventing over or under-watering. Automatically water your plants up to 5-10 days.

Si̇mple To Use - First, make a hole in the soil then just push the Self-watering Bird Globes into the soil. The water will be slowly emitted and automatically water your plants without the need to set.

Home Decor - Also acts as perfect home decor, Self-watering Bird Globes will add beauty not just on your garden but in your whole house.

Perfect Plant Nanny - Can be used in house plants, potted plants, hanging plants, patio plants, and outdoor gardens.