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3D Balance Ball Maze Toy

The colorful balls are trying to find their way home to their matching garage - But they need your help navigating the city!

Improve your little one’s focus the fun way with the 3D Balance Ball Maze Toy. The object of the game is to roll the color-coded balls into the corresponding grooves. This teaches your kids to concentrate and pay full attention to make it happen.

Not only does the 3D Balance Ball Maze Toy helps your little ones to focus, but it also teaches them to practice patience, balance, steady and precise movements. It develops its refined logic and problem-solving skills as well.

Safe For Kids - The balls and card scenes are enclosed and fixed with a transparent plastic cover for your kids’ safety and convenience.

Play Anywhere - The 3D Balance Ball Maze Toy has a built-in handle on each side so your little ones can easily bring it everywhere.

Various Game Scenes - Filled with colorful balls and comes with replaceable cartoon card scenes, your children will never get bored playing this game!

Classic Game - Gently rock the 3D Balance Ball Maze Toy and roll the ball into the groove for success. You can write down the completion time and keep challenging the record.