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360 Degree Rotatable Faucet Extender

This is a simple yet a definite solution to chaotic water streams in traditional faucets.

Made entirely of stainless steel, 360 Degree Rotatable Faucet Extender features a removable and bendable hose that holds its place once you position it, regardless of the angle. Additionally, 360 Rotatable Faucet Extender lets you choose between bubble or shower stream at a single push of a conveniently positioned switch.

No tools are needed, just make sure your faucet fits the product's dimensions and it is ready for sure. The faucet nozzle filter is made of high-quality PP and PVC material, and the connection is made of stainless steel, strong and wear-resistant.

360 Rotatable Extender – InstaShop4u

Use Easily and Wisely- The faucet aerator can be installed in the kitchen, sink, bathroom, and bathroom faucets, easy to install and easy to maintain

Wide Cleaning Range - With its 45-degree tilt angle and 360-degree range the sink will surely be clean, no dead ends indeed!

Environmental Friendly - Made from the concept of environmental protection, it will reduce energy costs and water consumption by more than 50%, saving you money.

Easy to Install -No need for other tools, accessories, or experts. You can install the Stainless Steel Faucet Extension all by yourself. Convenient and time-saving!