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300ml Gas Tank Air Humidifier

White and 5 filters
Blue and 5 filters
Pink and 5 filters
White and 10 filters
Blue and 10 filters
Pink and 10 filters

Be as unique as you can be and grab these 300ml Gas Tank Air Humidifier! This personal humidifier offers portability that is perfect for home or travel use!

Whether you want to have a healthier environment for you or your little ones. to avoid catching the annoying flu, to eliminate static electricity, or to make your skin feel better, our humidifier is a must. Gas Tank Humidifier can effectively increase humidity in a dry indoor environment.

Conveniently adjust the mist output by turning the dial knob. It gives out cool and smooth mist, for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep. This Gas Tank Humidifier also comes with color-changing LED night lights. You can either use it as a night light or a mini fan aside from being such an incredible humidifier.

This cool Gas Tank Humidifier's noise level is even lower than that of when you turn pages on a book. So it will quietly humidify without disturbing your study, work, or sleep, away from any nasty noise.

Multi-functional Design - This Gas Tank Humidifier is not just an air atomizer, also can be used as an aroma diffuser or desktop night light. Multi-useful which is suitable for bedroom, baby room, office, even use in the car.

Intelligent Timing Power Off & Noise Reduction Design - This portable Gas Tank Humidifier will automatically power-off after 6 hours of operation to prevent dry burning which is much safer to use at night. ≤30 DB super quiet operation without affecting your sleep.

Dual Modes & Long Time Use - This Gas Tank Humidifier has two modes to switch freely: Continuous and Intermittent modes. Default 6 hours automatically off in constant mode, and the intermittent mode can last for 12 hours.

Universal USB & Micro USB Port - Powered by mobile power, adapter, or a computer USB interface with a generic Micro USB cable. The USB port can be connected with the mini fan and LED light.