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Grill Cleaning Brick Block


The saddest reality after grilling is how much cleaning you have to start up with your griller or make a decision if it is still safe to use for the next grilling. Worry no more and let the Grill Cleaning Brick Block take care of the messiest and greasiest griller that you have!

The stone size of Grill Cleaning Brick Block has durable de-scaling construction to enhance the cleaning process without straining your hands or wrists, handheld nonslip grip brick is designed to be extremely convenient to use! Does not clog like grill brushes, conform to any surface to clean.

This Grill Cleaning Brick Block is made of an ecological material that is odorless and nontoxic that absorbs the grease and safe to use. It won’t scratch your ceramic tile and metal. There are no bristles or spikes to break off and get into the food.

Lightweight - With its portable and lightweight feature, using and storing it would be so much easier and convenient!

Safe To Use - Grill Cleaning Brick Block is non-toxic, odorless, and designed not to absorb the grease and junk of the surface that you need to clean.

Easy To Use - Just scrub the Grill Cleaning Brick Block on the surface that you want to clean and then blow off the dust or wipe with a wet paper towel.

Widely Used - Provides a thorough cleaning on your griller, BBQ, oven griddles, flat top griddles, and other enamel surfaces.