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1Pair Thumb LED Light Magic Toy

Magically light up the dark with your fingers! Leave the crowd amazed by this Thumb LED Light!

Perfectly fits your thumb, this Thumb LED Light has a little button inside that activates the light. As you press the button, it will give the illusion that you are moving the light with your fingers.

Always keep Thumb LED Light shielded from your spectator's view by not showing your open palms, especially when your hands are not moving. It is flesh-colored so no one would notice you have it on.

Safe To Use - Made with environmentally friendly materials, soft plastic, and are comfortable to wear. Thumb LED Light contains no Phthalates, which are known to upset the endocrine system.

Easy To Use - No need for complex learning. Simply put the Thumb LED Light on and get creative!

Endless Possibilities - A staple item in the professional magician worldwide, it is also amazingly simple to perform.

Long-Lasting - Under normal usage, Thumb LED Light will last for up to a year.