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12Pcs One Second Blind Needles

Never struggle to thread a needle again! We can all relate to the struggle of threading a needle. But don’t let it keep you from your crafts or DIY sewing projects! The One Second Blind Needles make it easy to get it right every time.

Simply run the thread along the side of the One Second Needles and into the small gap in the eye, it’s that quick! This amazing needle will save you time and frustration. Anyone from novice sewer to expert tailor can quickly and effortlessly with the One Second Needle.

They are specially designed to hold a thread in the eye of the needle safely. This One Second Needle is suitable for leather, denim, silk, canvas, cotton cloth, and so on, which is the ideal choice for elderly people or those with poor eyesight. You will never need to have other needles ever again!

High-quality - These One Second Needles are made with super quality iron alloy, so it's very strong and durable enough for denim fabric hems or industrial zippers.

Great For Beginners - Sewing can be fun and rewarding, but constantly not being able to thread a needle to get started can really put a damper on your motivation. When paired with all the other basic essentials, this One Second Needles is the perfect gift for anyone who is beginning to sew.

Easy & Convenient Tool - Threading a needle is especially difficult for individuals with poor eyesight, unsteady hands, or who live in a house with poor lighting. Sliding fine thread along the edge of the needle is a lot easier than trying to get frayed ends of a string to pass through the tiny eye.

Wide Application - Another considerable reason for you to get one of this One Second Needles is the fact that it is strong and durable you can use it with leather, denim, silk, canvas, cotton cloth, and so on. It will help you sew with ease whichever fabric you will use.