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Digital Drawing 12" LCD Writing Tablet


Save trees and help the environment by using this LCD Writing Tablet. It’s a paperless electronic alternative to memo pads, sticky notes, sketchbooks, dry erase boards, and other writing or drawing medium.

The writing tablet surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push. Engineered to be versatile, this writing tablet is aimed to feel like writing with a pen on paper. 

It is also excellent for kids, children can freely release their natural instincts, enjoy painting, count numbers, spell words at any time and place without no longer making a mess on the ground or walls.

It comes with a stylus pen but you can use your fingers or other things to write on it because it’s pressure-sensitive. Clearing the screen is quick too. Simply click on the button and presto! No more wasted paper, no more using an eraser!

Portable & Lightweight - 12" LCD Writing Tablet is an ultra 5mm thin and weighs only 0.29 pound, so it is easy to take in a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack anytime and anywhere.

Reusable & Durable - Unlike dull, off the shelf board writing tablets, 12" LCD Writing Tablet is created with hard-wearing ABS plastic material that is scratch resistant, sturdy, and durable. The LCD screen is flexible, not sensitive to stylus pressure, and it’s easy to use in landscape or portrait direction.

Environmental-Friendly & Economically - 12" LCD Writing Tablet is environmental-friendly and is not a pollutant. It can erase over 100,000 times. You no longer need to buy paper and pens, save trees and money.

Screen Lock & Erase Key - Featuring a screen lock key to avoid accidental erasures while you write  Don't worry about losing the important image or data. Just turn on the lock button and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your hard work won’t go anywhere. One button to press is for erasing the contents easily and quickly.