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10pcs Seamless Screw Stickers

Punching on the wall for screws are now be out of trend, Seamless Screws are the new way for brackets you want to install on your precious walls!

No more trace of ugly holes destroying the beauty of your walls, these Seamless Screws are adhesive! Paste them whatever smooth surface you need them and hang those racks or shelves without any tool!

You do not need a professional to get these Seamless Screws hanging on to the wall, simply remove the protective film at the back, stick it, and then screw them using just your hand. No need for drills, no damages, and no professional skills needed!

Removable And Reusable - The Seamless Screw is removable and can be reused over a hundred times without leaving any traces, stains, nails, and most importantly, no damage at all!  

Washable - If it got dirty or dusty, you can rinse it with water and then dry with a hairdryer, then Seamless Screw will work like it is brand new!

Works On A Variety Of Surfaces - Apply to flat, non-porous, smooth, or polished surfaces such as glass, marble walls, tiled walls,  polished metal or plastic board, wood, tile, ceramic, metal surface, and more!

Heavy Duty - Seamless Screws are solid, reliable, waterproof and oilproof, can surpass high gravity, great bearing up to 6 kg / 13 lbs.