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10Pcs Car Tire Anti-skid Snow Chains

Driving alone can be fun and smooth-sailing... that is until you hit a muddy rough road or a deeply snow-covered area. Well, in times like those, there’s something you can rely on — Car Tire Anti-skid Snow Chains

An emergency is unpredictable, there will be a big chance to produce an accident while driving on the snowfield, muddy road, icing road, and other roads in bad conditions, car tire anti-skid snow chains will be a good resolution to rescue cars from the tough situation.

These ain't your ordinary blocks. These are wonders that can get you out of a tight spot real quick and easy! 

Safe Driving in Snow Season The use of special anti-skid surface rough surface so that it increases the friction with the road, usually in the snow and muddy road conditions, to protect the tire to prevent tire slip, to ensure the normal driving role of the vehicle.

Safe For Car TiresWon't hurt the tire, an injection molding, effectively reduce the node, reducing the degree of damage on the tire, extending the tire life.

High-Quality Material - Nylon material, wear resistance, Using reinforced and toughened nylon material, strong mechanical strength, high softening point, shock absorption, and silence.

Useful in Many WaysCar anti-skid chain is not just seasonal products, that is not only in winter and rain and snow weather can play a role in the same skiing, cross-country, field exploration, mountain driving, and other vehicle driving situation has an irreplaceable role. Stable driving safety.