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HDMI TV Cable for iPhone

It’s time to bring forth your screen time to the next level without breaking your savings for a smart TV. Simply use this no-fuss HDMI TV Cable for your pleasurable viewing experience!

Spend your money and time wisely by using your existing HD TV to display videos, photos, and games from your phone or tablet. There’s no need to buy a new Smart TV when you can actually use an HDMI TV Cable to project into your existing HD TV.

Absolutely zero complicated settings are needed to start projection. The HDMI TV Cable is the quickest way to enjoy sharing your photos, watching movies together, or playing games on a bigger screen for the whole family to enjoy.

Plug 'n Play - Just insert each interface to the corresponding device, wait about 5 seconds and they will automatically be connected. No external drivers or apps are required.

Wide Compatibility - HDMI TV Cable works on most iPhones, iPods, and Mac. Instantly enjoy watching movies, sharing photos, playing mobile games on a bigger screen.

Three Plugs - The HDMI plug to be inserted at the back of your TV, the USB plug which has to be plugged in a power source, and the Lightning plug that is needed to be connected on your device.

Variety Of Use - Use it for your presentations, slideshows, movie marathon, game nights, video calls, and more! If you need a bigger screen then HDMI TV Cable is here for you!