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100 Languages Pendant Necklace


Love is a language all its own. Say it in many different ways with the 100 Languages Pendant Necklace! 

This incredibly beautiful and sophisticated pendant has "I Love You" nano engraved into its center crystal in 100 different languages. Shine a light through it to project the message onto a wall or surface, or use a mobile camera lens to peek inside and display it on your phone.

100 Languages Pendant Necklace embellished with a clear Zirconia stone which micro-engraves “I Love You” in a hundred wordings. It’s a delicate keepsake that lays close to your recipient’s heart wherever they may go.

Elegant - These alluring copper necklaces are embellished with a clear Zirconia stone. Could become anyone's favorite due to its eye-catchy design and unique feature.

Stylish - Simple, elegant, and perfect for everyday wear. Can be worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other necklaces for a trendy, fashionable look.

Durable For Everyday Use -  No tarnishing over time. You can be sure to wear this 100 Languages Pendant Necklace every day if you want to.

Safe - Nothing can be worse than an allergy preventing you from wearing your favorite necklace. Wear this 100 Languages Pendant Necklace as often as you like with no swelling up!