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Watermelon Windmill Cutter

Serve a refreshing and healthy afternoon treat instantly with this Watermelon Windmill Cutter!

This ingenious tool is a watermelon slicer that makes it super easy to serve watermelon cubes for your family and friends. Perfect for summer or tropical season during a beach trip, a picnic or just enjoying the comfort of your home. 

Just push the slicer into the halved watermelon and watch the cubes sliced and gathered in seconds! It slices between 0-2cm thick and comes with one automatic cutter stainless steel blade.

Make your own watermelon salad instantly or enjoy a refreshing watermelon cubes hassle-free without dealing with the drippy mess!

NEWEST SUPERIOR DESIGNYour best solution for eating watermelon. It comes with one automatic cutter blade, just push the watermelon slicer tool into the watermelon, watermelon cubes come out automatic. 

PERFECT CUBE SLICES - It’s unique composition allows you to make clean and quick slices in watermelon without breaking a sweat! This unique slicing mechanism allows you to cut the watermelon into the perfect cube size 2CM that you want every time you use it.

QUICK AND EASYJust push the slicer tool into a watermelon and the cubes will come out automatically. An easy took that allows quick cutting and serving straight out of the melon cube onto the plate. 

ELIMINATES MESS - Reduces the chance of juices spilling out and making a mess while slicing. Super portable and easy to bring picnics or on the beach!