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Self-Standing Sink Filter

Are you tired of cleaning the sink after each & every wash? Are you tired of sulking drain holes? If yes, then we have found the best solution for you. This simple Self-Standing Sink Filter will help you to wash every utensil easily.

Our drain hole is designed to facilitate draining, and the garbage is left behind without worrying about blocking the sink. Premium sink drain strainer to keep food particles out, and keep water flowing faster into the drain with perfect micro-perforation.

It can be used to wash vegetables, filter soup, store small items, and use it in both the kitchen and bathroom. This is a recyclable collapsible drain filter with a special suction cup design that is a good choice for home life!

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DURABLE AND REUSABLE - The filter is made of high-quality PVC+PP and has a thickened design.  It is clean and reusable. 

SELF-SUPPORTThe self-supporting design allows the filter to stand in the sink without support, so it is easy to use.

CONVENIENCE - When it's full of trash, you can handle it easily. You just need to lift it up and throw it into the trash can, which is simple and time-saving. You don't need to use your hands to collect all the rubbish in the sink.

WIDELY USE - Using the suction cup, hang it where you need it and it can simply be a holder or stage for your easy access kinds of stuff at home.