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Portable Drill Bit Sharpener Set

Blue with 2 Stones
Blue with 1 Stones
Yellow with 1 Stone
Yellow with 2 Stones
1 stone
2 stone

Give your old blunt drill bits a second life with this quick and easy drill bit sharpener.

No need to buy a whole new set of drill bits or spend hundreds on a professional sharpener because this Portable Drill Bit Sharpener

Use an electric drill with a chuck to drive this tool. Sharpen drill bits and improve their working performance. It has wear-resisting corundum grinding wheel. The good sharpening effect, saving much effort. Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry! 

Forget the days of trying to find the correct angle by hand or accidentally tapering the edge of your tools. Improve the utilization of drill bits, solve the troubles you have been buying drill bits, save time, and save money!

Lightweight and Compact - Lightweight and compact, the Portable Drill Bit Sharpener are easy to carry. You can take it with you just in case you would need it anytime, anywhere.

High-quality - Made of ABS plastic and wear-resistant corundum grinding wheel. High hardness, rustproof, solid and durable, self-centering point, you don't need assistant center drilling or center punching

Reliable and Efficient - Compact and portable drill sharpening tool. Use this Portable Drill Bit Sharpener with your power drill to keep bits sharp and it will be ready for use.

Different Sized Drill Bits Compatible - Designed for multiple drill bit sizes. The drill bit sharpener puts an edge on drill bits from 5/64 in. to 1/2 in. The 100 grit stone gives a smooth, even edge to drill bits.