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Magnetic Screen Door Mosquito Net


Magnetic Screen Door keeps bugs off, let fresh air in and manageable for toddlers & pets to walk through freely, it makes your life more comfortable and easier!


No worries, this Magnetic Screen Door will not be easily blown by the wind. It has the toughest, heavy mesh construction wherein mosquitos and biting bugs stand no chance.


The Magnetic Screen Door opens and closes easily and seamlessly! Retractable, frameless, detachable and could be rolled up for temporary storage when you want to take it off.

Heavy Mesh Construction- Compared to average material on the market, this is durable, chemical corrosion resistance, good shape and have good light transmittance.

Let The Cool Breeze In - Ventilation design, when you enjoy good afternoon tea or rest time indoors, you can still enjoy the cool breeze.

Easy To Open And Close- Sewed with multiple magnetic sticks at the middle seam makes this door screen freely to open and close. With the bottom built-in add-weight design, the screen curtain is super wind resistant.

Hasp Design- This screen door prevents being blown open by wind, providing a good environment for pets and children to play in.