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Double Scrubber Glass Cup Bottle Cleaner

The difficult part about washing glasses is reaching the bottom part. Sometimes, your hand doesn’t fit or the glass is just too deep to reach and clean properly. How do we solve this? With the Cup Double Scrubber!

With this innovative Cup Double Scrubber, cleaning bottles, glasses, and cups are quick and easy. Its rounded design and durable bristles make it hastily and practical. 

It effectively cleans and scrubs lipstick marks, other stubborn and deep-set stains and marks. Stays firmly positioned as you slide glassware between the two sets of bristles. Cleans both sides of the glass at once as well as those hard to reach areas. Makes cleaning your glassware a breeze.

Comprehensive Cleaning - It will clean everything, inside and outside without any extra effort needed. The large brush will clean the inside and the small brush will clean the outside. 

3 Suction Cups - 3 suction cups with the brush to hold it tight! It can be attached to the wall table or attached to the bottom of the sink. Provide a powerful hold to ensure that your cleaning brush stays put!

Space Saving- The Cup Double Scrubber is small enough for convenient storage and doesn't take up much space.

Easy To Wash And Removable- Cleaning the Cup Double Scrubber I very easy! The brush can easily be detached and disassembled. Assuring you 100% cleanliness!